• Les courses sur appel

    21.10.2013 Nouvelles, Vidéo par giv

    L’inégalable efficacité du vélo en milieu urbain associée à des coursiers toujours prêts à mouiller le maillot; c’est la combinaison optimale pour acheminer vos envois les plus urgents de manière sûre et garantie. Nous livrons dans des délais de 25 ou 60 minutes, entre votre appel et la livraison chez votre destinataire. Qui dit mieux?

    épisode 3 – les courses sur appel from vélocité on Vimeo.


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      Dear Mr Finnemore,After each and every episode, I can’t help but wodner at how skillful your writing is. Setting aside the brilliant comedy, I absolutely admire your skill at writing such emotionally believable characters. It’s not a thing that often happens in a sitcom, in fact it might be the first one ever in which that particular aspect has impressed me so much. And your blog is an invaluable source of insight into the process of writing – I’ve learnt so much by reading it!This season, I think I’m especially fond of how the friendship between Martin and Douglas is developing. And Douglas’s moment in Xinzhou of I’ll-mock-you-because-I-don’t-want-you-to-leave-but-am-too-badass-to-admit reduced me to bits. I’ve read some people complaining about Douglas in S4 and I think they seriously underestimate how well-structured this series is.Oh, and I loved the Crieffhanger at the end of Yverdon-Les-Bains! :D As much as it now seems a perfectly inevitable ending, I never ever saw that coming!Thank you and keep up the great work!

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      I wish I could curse you with a string of exleteivps and throw lemons at you for breaking my heart. But I can’t.I want to thank you for your brilliant writing and acting and for assembling such a wonderful cast for this wonderful series. You have thrown me in a whirlwind of laughs and tears. And I have a newfound appreciation for radio shows and for what great writing can bring. Thank you for giving us behind-the-scenes pictures and snippets from your writing process. It has been such a pleasure and joy following your work and blog.I look forward to your next works and am currently working my way through your previous ones. Thank you, Mr. Finnemore. You brilliant arse.But seriously, thank you.Cheers from Connecticut, USA. [url=]xyrfjbgha/urlsrfjqkilu[/link]

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      From the perspective of the wtierr, yes, the cliffhanger was very clever, making use of the typical end-of-interview phrase that we’ve all heard at some point, just when I thought that Martin had to answer in a definite way.In a meta, beyond-the-fourth-wall way, it seemed to say “The BBC will let me know if we get a fourth series, and then I’ll decide what Martin does”.And I think therein lies my personal discontent with the open ending – it seems not to depend on the story (by which I mean The Story, the Platonic ideal of MJN’s story that must exist in Mr F’s mind), but on very mundane circumstances, such as “does the BBC commission another series” and “can the actors be gathered again for a series or at least one special episode”.It is, of course, how most business is conducted in the world of media producers, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.I’m going to speak blasphemy here in the eyes of most fans, but I would prefer if CP ended, rather than become a rehash of itself.And it feels like there’s no good way out of it, regardless of “Martin”’s decision. The series has changed, the characters have changed, and there’s no way to go back to the dynamics of the first season without losing on all the development so far. Most of the source of the humour has been changed – so is Martin going to lose his relationship with Theresa to make him the “forever alone” inept-at-relationships man again? Do stupid things like in ‘Abu Dhabi’ again, or get them in trouble because of his insecurity again like in ‘Douz’Douglas has received that unique (and hilarious) insight into what it means to be Martin – although for him I can easily imagine erasing it from his mind and going back to mocking Martin and being his own sarcastic sky god self.So if Martin stays with MJN, goes back to being a broke man with a van, I would feel like a dead-end for the character. He’d lose the right to complain about his being skint, though, because it would be even more his choice, although this time not for the sake of flying, but for the sake of his friends.If Martin leaves MJN, well, I suppose CP could go on with a slightly different cast, but it wouldn’t be the CP we know.I can’t imagine a good way out of it – of course, it could be that I don’t have a very vivid imagination… ;) So it’s all about faith in the author, and I, for one, have lost faith in authors in general. Too much depends on outside circumstances. I’ll believe it when I hear it. And it could be YEARS. See why some of us aren’t happy ;)

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